Privacy Policy

Welcome to ("us", "we", or "our"). This website is designed to provide easy access to the Pikashow app for Android users with complete security and user privacy. Our services on this website include providing users APK file of Pikashow and complete details about this app. We are just an app provider for this streaming monster and have no connection with official app developers as the app is the property of only app developers. If you use our services on this website to download the Pikashow APK file, then you may leave some data here. 

In this privacy guide, we gonna discuss what data we collect, how we use it, and what are our safety measures to keep users secure. 

Information We Collect

Generally, user information is not collected by us. If you only visit this website and download the APK file then you don’t need to provide any data. However, our server provider may collect some usage data. In case, you make a comment or contact our support team then you may have to give your email address and name. 

Personal Info

While commenting on posts, and connecting with the support team, you leave your info to us. In this process, we will collect your name and email ID as personal info. 

Usage Data

We do not collect cookies. However, some usage data is collected by our service provider to monitor the visitors' activity on this website. This usage data includes Your browser name, your IP address, device type, and pages visited. 

How We Use Users’ Info

Your information is not shared, traded, or rented. But we use this info for positive purposes. 

Data Sharing

We do not share our visitors' info with third-party sources. But for some legal and positive reasons, your info might be shared with legal authorities. 

Service  Provider

We share the info of our visitors and their usage data with our service provider. It is only to improve our services and maintain a user-friendly environment on the website.

Legal Requirements

In some special cases, we may share the info of our user to different legal authorities including the Police department and Law authorities. 

Business Transfer

If this website is sold or we sell a portion of our business then your info will be shared with this new owner or our business partner. 

Your Choices

You have different options to go for for your privacy and security protection.

It's your right to delete your info or modify it on this website. 

We do not collect cookies but our service provider may use cookies data. So you have the right to enable or disable cookies for this website.

Moreover, you can opt out of this page or website any time you want. 


We are offering exceptional security and privacy services to keep our users at a safe end. But still, there are chances that your data may be leaked. Hence, here we gonna go through some security measures that users should take care of. These will help to enhance your privacy & security here. 

Third-Party Links

On this website, you may find different links in text content. These links may also lead you to some third-party websites. Those websites may have different privacy structures for users. Hence, visiting those websites is completely at your own risk as we don’t have any control over the privacy of those websites. 

Children Privacy Measure

We have a streaming app on our website and there are some outbound links as well. Hence, a user should be 13+. Our services are only suitable for users over 13. 

Change to Privacy

With the change in policy of our server provider or Google Search engine policy, we may also change this privacy page. So for any privacy change, you may visit this page at any time and by using our services, you agree to our privacy policies defined on this page.

Contact Us

If you have any policy concerns, queries, feedback, suggestions, or just wanna say “Hi” to use then feel free to connect with us at: [email protected]